Our favorite slice of Georgia

With temps pushing 100 at home lately, a weekend trip to the mountains was just what we needed this past weekend.

The Chattahoochee National Forest is large and intimidating to newcomers, but it’s brimming with adventures, scenic beauty, and wildlife. A 45 minute drive up a winding, one-lane gravel road leads to our favorite go-to camping spot when we just need an escape. If you’ve never explored these woods before, the Conasauga Lake Recreational Area (just where our favorite spot happens to be) is the perfect introduction to these majestic lands.

View from Mill Creek Overlook (just beyond here was where we had our personal encounter with a black bear yearling) 7.31.16
Conasauga Lake in March
Conasauga Lake from the Dock March, 2014

Camping at Conasauga Lake is beautiful. Views of the lake from the lower loop campsites are breathtaking (especially for the meager $10 a night it costs to reserve a spot), but we aren’t so huge on campground camping. So if you’re like us and really want some peace and quiet, I guess we’ll let you in our favorite spot.

Just beyond overflow camping for the recreation area and at the end of the road are three primitive camping spots with their own pull offs and fire rings (oh, and did I mention, they’re free!) The serenity of that spot draws us back every time.


How to get there.

Ollie at camp (sorry, I had to include a cute toddler picture at least once) May, 2016
Ollie at camp (sorry, I had to include a cute toddler picture at least once) May, 2016

We generally just follow google maps directions to Conasauga Lake, but be careful, cell phone reception is spotty and will definitely start to go out as you climb up the mountain.

Once you’re on the mountain follow signs to Conasauga Lake Recreation Area.

Instead of following signs to the campground, follow signs to overflow camping.

Drive past the overflow (which are also decent spots at $10 a night).

You’ll know you’ve reached camp when you hit the end of the road and the closed gate to signify no more driving.

Some tips.

Did I mention this spot is in the shade for all but maybe two hours? Heavenly.
Did I mention this spot is in the shade for all but maybe two hours? Heavenly. Here’s a shot with our Tepui Tent.

We tend to encounter wildlife and have unexpected guests at night when we retire to the tent. Just be alert, and understand that you’re in THEIR backyard.

Bring cash if for some reason all of these spots are taken and you end up at a pay to use area or if you drive over to the lake for the day because you will have to pay to park. As of now camping is $10 a night. (This is the tip we always forget because we never carry cash).

There’s plenty of hiking in the area or bring a canoe, kayak, SUP board and enjoy the lake. There’s also a super easy trail that circles the lake for those not wanting a too invigorating of a hike.

Seriously, pick up after yourself. If I go back to my favorite spot and find trash everywhere I’ll be sad. 😦

It’s also super gorgeous here in the fall.

The morning after our first nigh camping here. October, 2012
The morning after our first night camping here. October, 2012

3 thoughts on “Our favorite slice of Georgia

  1. Great Post, Sarah! My boyfriend & I are in the process of saving money for the next 2 years (while he finishes school) and then travel full time. Along with going over seas we planned on traveling the US. We have had a lot of discussions on what type of RV/ trailer to get. We both are campers and after seeing a bunch of your posts with your tent we have decided to hell with the RV! We are getting a Tepui! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!


    1. Thank you! We’ve kind of fallen in love with our rooftop tent. And at least they can go places RV’s can’t. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see your adventures!


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