We’re back!

So it looks like we just started up this little page and then abandoned it. But, making new babies (don’t let that sound too dirty), finishing school, and life got in the way. This past weekend we finally got into the groove of exploring the outdoors (now as a family of four!). We’re also playing with some new toys. So please be kind, this was our first go at recording our drive with the GoPro.

Tumbling Creek
Tumbling Creek, a gem of a view at the end of the road.

Friday night we couldn’t make up our mind about where we would park the jeep for the weekend. Finally, driving down the interstate, Daniel decided on Thunder Rock Campground. It’s right on the Ocoee River in Cherokee National Park and is super easy to get to. But, when we got to the fork in the road, instead of going right and heading straight into the campground we looked at each other and thought, “what the heck?” We went left, and no regrets.

Check out our drive up and down FS45 and FS221 towards Tumbling Creek Campground. And turn up the volume, Daniel made sure to add some pretty decent music to the visual!

I wouldn’t recommend this particular trip if you don’t have 4wd, but if you do, there are some great camping/hiking spots along the road and we both agree that it will quickly become a favorite to go back to over the years.


One thought on “We’re back!

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    So I’m cheating. But I finally updated our joint blog at Overland Kai! Here’s my post for the week. 😀 Also check out our super amateur skills with the GoPro.


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