About us


1796644_10151868114397066_317887557_nHi. We’re the Joyners. A family of three with another on the way.  With Chattanooga, TN, as our home base we explore all of the natural beauty that the south east has to offer.

He is a computer whiz by weekday. She is a full-time grad student and word connoisseur. Aside from the obvious outdoor activities, we both enjoy our love-hate relationship with the never ending projects at our fixer-upper home, books with magical creatures, and fighting over the last oreo in the pantry.


IMG_2022We camp with our dirt-loving toddler, Oliver, and are occasionally joined by all or one of our three dogs: Kiba, Sydney, and Zeke.

At 1 1/2, Oliver mostly enjoys throwing balls at the dogs, constant adventures, and dancing to every song he hears.